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Al Ansari Global is a leading provider of healthcare system solutions that enhance the quality and safety of patient care. At Al Ansari Global, we understand the critical importance of seamless healthcare operations, patient safety, and efficient management.

Our suite of solutions is comprehensive and covers a wide range of needs. Nurse Call Systems, Baby/Infant Protection and Mother-Baby Matching Systems, Patient Safety and Asset Management, Wander Management, Queue Management Systems, Digital Signage Systems, and IP Intercom Systems.

Nurse Call Systems:

A dependable and effective communication system that connects patients and nurses, resulting in shorter reaction times and improved outcomes.

Baby/Infant Protection and Mother-Baby Matching Systems:

A comprehensive security system that prevents infant abduction and ensures accurate identification of mother and baby.

Patient Safety and Asset Management: 

A smart tracking system that monitors the location and status of patients, staff, and equipment, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Wander Management: 

A discreet and dignified system that prevents unauthorized exit of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, while respecting their freedom and privacy.

Queue Management Systems: 

A user-friendly and flexible system that manages the flow of patients and visitors, reducing waiting times and enhancing satisfaction.

Digital Signage Systems: 

A dynamic and interactive system that displays relevant information and messages, improving communication and engagement. Learn More

IP Intercom Systems: 

A versatile and scalable system that enables clear and secure voice communication, improving safety and collaboration.

Why Choose Al Ansari Global?

Expertise and Innovation

Reliability and Quality

Customized Solutions

Comprehensive Support

Why Choose Al Ansari Global ?

Expertise and Innovation

Al Ansari Global is a beacon of competence and innovation in the sector, with decades of experience. We are devoted to being at the forefront of technical breakthroughs to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing that each healthcare setting is unique, we take pride in providing customized solutions. Our team works directly with clients to understand their specific needs and develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with their processes.

Reliability and Quality

Al Ansari Global is synonymous with reliability and quality. Our Health Care System Solutions are built to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring the utmost reliability in critical healthcare environments. Trust us for systems that you can depend on.

Comprehensive Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the implementation of our solutions. Al Ansari Global provides comprehensive support services to ensure the ongoing functionality and efficiency of your healthcare systems. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you.


Saada Hospital Sohar, Oman

Saada Hospital is a dedicated hospital for women and children located in Sohar, Oman. The hospital provides highly skilled obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, and neonatologists, as well as management of high-risk pregnancies.

Al Ansari Global provides cutting-edge Health Care System solutions that cater to the growing demands of organizations. They design and implement robust integration that ensures reliable performance, scalability, and data security.

Nurse Call Systems

Infant Protection and Mother-Baby Matching Systems

Queue Management System

Patient Safety & Asset Management

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nurse call system
Queue Management System
Patient Safety and Asset Management

Key Benefits for You

Enhanced Patient Care

Elevate the quality of patient care with our Nurse Call Systems and Patient Safety solutions. Allow for faster reaction times and more effective communication, which leads to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Infant and Mother Protection

Ensure the safety and security of infants and mothers with our advanced Baby/Infant Protection and Mother-Baby Matching Systems. Create a nurturing environment that instils confidence in patients and their families.

Efficient Asset Management

Optimize your resource utilization with our Asset Management solutions. Keep track of medical equipment, streamline workflows, and reduce operational costs by ensuring the efficient use of assets.

Wander Management for Elderly Care

Provide a secure environment for elderly patients with our Wander Management solutions. Enhance safety protocols and prevent wandering incidents, giving peace of mind to both caregivers and families.

Streamlined Operations with Queue Management

Improve the efficiency of your healthcare facility with our Queue Management Systems. Enhance patient flow, reduce wait times, and create a smoother operational experience for both staff and patients.

Secure Communication with IP Intercom Systems

Ensure secure and efficient communication throughout your facility with our IP Intercom Systems. Improve overall coordination by facilitating smooth communication across departments.

Choose Al Ansari Global for innovative, reliable, and customized Health Care System Solutions that prioritize care, system efficiency, call responsiveness, effective management, and protection. Transform your healthcare environment with solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of the modern healthcare landscape.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals with our healthcare system solutions. We are ready to serve you with care, professionalism, and excellence.

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