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Welcome to Al Ansari, where we take pride in our diverse capabilities and expertise in various sectors. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, we offer a wide range of solutions that cater to the specific needs of our esteemed clients. Explore our capabilities across different divisions:

Serving Various Sectors:

Our capabilities extend across diverse industry sectors, including Construction & Infrastructure, Government, Defence & Military, Agriculture, Healthcare, Tourism, Energy, Telecommunications, Utilities, and Transport. We understand the unique requirements of each sector and tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. Explore our capabilities across different divisions:

Hospitality & Leisure Division:

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, we understand the need to elevate guest experiences. Our Hospitality & Leisure Division offers comprehensive solutions for kitchens, laundry facilities, cold rooms, swimming pools, fountains, water features, steam rooms, saunas, and jacuzzies. From state-of-the-art kitchen equipment to tranquil water features, we strive to create enchanting spaces that leave a lasting impression on your guests.


hospitality & leisure
Building System

Building Systems Division:

At Al Ansari, we understand the importance of creating sustainable, efficient, and comfortable environments within built structures. Our Building Systems Division excels in delivering cutting-edge solutions for heating, cooling, expansion, acoustics, fire suppression, ventilation, flooring, drainage, sanitaryware, dewatering, odor control, waterproofing, irrigation, coils & pipes, valves & fittings, insulation, and ducts. Whether it’s optimizing temperature control, ensuring safety, enhancing acoustics, or promoting energy efficiency, our experts have the know-how to design and implement tailored solutions for your projects.


Infrastructure, Water and Wastewater Utilities, Industries Division:

Empowering critical infrastructure and industries is at the heart of our mission. Our Infrastructure, Water, and Wastewater Utilities, Industries Division provides reliable solutions in pumps, tanks, vessels, and temporary power. From robust pumping systems to efficient storage solutions, we enable seamless operations in various industries and projects, ensuring optimal productivity and performance.


Industries, Water and Wastewater Utilities, Infrastructure
Integration Technology

Integration Technologies Division:

In the era of rapid technological advancements, our Integration Technologies Division is your gateway to innovation and digital transformation. From system integration and data centers to e-mobility and digital solutions, we harness cutting-edge technologies to empower your organization with seamless operations, enhanced security, and accelerated growth.


Energy & Sustainability Division:

At Al Ansari, we are committed to building a greener future. Our Energy & Sustainability Division offers solutions in solar energy systems, e-mobility, emissions monitoring and reporting, carbon dioxide capture, reduction and removals, and green hydrogen. By promoting renewable energy sources and sustainable practices, we help organizations reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner planet.

Energy & Sustainability

Maintenance & Service Division:

we understand the significance of efficient maintenance and timely service. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a range of services, including On-Call Services, Annual Maintenance Contracts, and an Integrated Workshop for Assembly and repairs. Explore our comprehensive offerings designed to optimize your operations and enhance the longevity of your equipment.

At Al Ansari, we are more than just a provider of services; we are your partners in progress. With a passion for excellence and a vision for a sustainable future, we are dedicated to empowering your projects, businesses, and initiatives. Experience the difference of Al Ansari, where expertise, innovation, and sustainability converge to shape a better world.

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Al Ansari Global

Al Ansari is a provider of integrated building, infrastructure and engineering solutions. The group was established in 1975 in response to the growing needs of the infrastructure and construction developments in Oman.


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