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Are you looking for challenging and rewarding career opportunities in the infrastructure, building, or engineering industries? Would you like to be recruited by a top business that is known for its creativity and excellence? If so, Al Ansari Global is the ideal location for you!

At Al Ansari Global, we believe that for people to achieve their professional objectives, it is critical to cultivate talent and establish a supporting environment. As a dynamic, forward-thinking company, we understand that the commitment and knowledge of our team members are the foundation of our success.

Al Ansari Global specializes in providing integrated building, infrastructure, and engineering solutions. In response to Oman’s growing need for infrastructure and construction advancements, the organization was established in 1975, which also made it easier for those looking for jobs in Oman to collaborate with us. Intending to inspire human values and improve company performance, Al Ansari Global now runs effectively not only in Oman also in UAE, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka as well. Know more about us.

Innovation and Excellence

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Global Presence, Local Impact

Career Growth and Development

Why Choose Career At Al Ansari Global ?

Innovation and Excellence

Join a firm that appreciates innovation and aspires to excellence in all of its undertakings. At Al Ansari Global, we value ongoing development and encourage staff members to provide their innovative ideas to propel our business forward.

Global Presence, Local Impact

Al Ansari Global gives you the chance to have an impact both locally and globally thanks to its robust worldwide presence. Our many programs and projects provide team members a chance to widen their perspectives and make a significant contribution to the workplace.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We think that a varied workplace encourages originality and ingenuity. Regardless of origin, gender, or nationality, Al Ansari Global is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone feels appreciated and respected.

Key Benefits for You

At Al Ansari Global, we are committed to your professional advancement. Your career is a journey. To assist you in realizing your full potential, we provide continuous chances for training and development, mentorship programs, and professional growth options than any other jobs in Muscat.

The following advantages are yours as an Al Ansari Global employee:

Competitive Compensation

At Al Ansari, we understand the significance of your efforts, and that’s why we offer more than just a paycheck. Our commitment to providing attractive salary packages is a testament to our appreciation for your diligence and the impact it has on our collective success. We believe that your contributions deserve more than standard recognition; they deserve a compensation structure that reflects the value you bring to the team. Join us at Al Ansari Global, where your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Comprehensive Benefits

Experience a workplace that prioritizes your well-being. We go beyond the ordinary, offering a range of perks designed to enhance your health and enrich your work-life balance. Enjoy the security and peace of mind provided by our health insurance coverage, ensuring that you and your loved ones are well taken care of. Al Ansari Global is committed to nurturing a workplace that values and supports your comprehensive well-being, making your journey with us fulfilling and rewarding.

Collaborative Work Environment

Step into the vibrant world of Al Ansari Global, where the essence of success lies in a Collaborative Work Environment. Join a dynamic group of dedicated professionals who seamlessly unite their expertise, fostering a collective spirit that propels them towards shared objectives. Embrace a culture that thrives on synergy, where each individual’s strengths contribute to a cohesive whole. Al Ansari Global is more than a workplace; it’s a collaborative journey where innovation flourishes, bonds strengthen, and collective aspirations become reality.

Social Responsibility

our commitment to Social Responsibility goes beyond business objectives; it’s a core value that defines our impact on society. With an unwavering dedication to fostering positive change, we invite you to join us in our meaningful initiatives. Our mission is to uplift the communities we serve through purposeful campaigns that address pressing issues and enhance overall well-being. At Al Ansari Global, we believe in the power of collective action, and together, we can create a ripple effect of positive transformation, leaving a lasting legacy of social progress and responsibility.

  • A welcoming, varied society that values and embraces diversity.
  • A creative and vibrant workplace that pushes you and motivates you.
  • A cooperative, encouraging group that exchanges information and skills.
  • A benefits plan that is both all-inclusive and customizable to your needs and preferences.
  • A system of acknowledgement and rewards that values your accomplishments and contributions.
  • An education and training course that improves your abilities and proficiencies.
  • A route in your work that enables you to grow professionally and fulfil your potential.

Explore the fascinating employment possibilities at Al Ansari Global if you’re searching for something more than simply a job; and if you want a satisfying career where you can grow both professionally and personally. Come help us shape the future and be a part of an organization that considers its employees to be its most valuable resource.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in working with Al Ansari Global, select one of the options below. Your application will be process through ATS (Applicant Tracking System), you will be informed about the progress of your application. Our comprehensive process in ATS is designed to keep your career journey smooth with Al Ansari.


You can also login to the Applicant portal and see the progress of your application. Your interview schedule, job offer and all other details will be sent automatically via our ATS. Chose one of the options below;

applicant portal

If you have already applied and you want to monitor and track the application, you may click the link below to login to the applicant portal.

Our advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) ensures a seamless and transparent application process, allowing you to stay informed at every stage. The ATS tracking feature provides real-time updates on your application status, interview schedules, and any additional documentation required.

Gain valuable insights into your progress and take control of your job application experience.

Apply for open positions

We currently have several exciting opportunities available, and we welcome qualified individuals to explore potential matches based on their qualifications and experience.

To view the complete list of open positions, click the link below. Our ATS simplifies the application process, allowing you to seamlessly submit your credentials for consideration. Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, we encourage you to take the next step in your career journey with us.

Join our dynamic team and contribute to our success.

job not listed

If your role is not listed, and you are eager to apply for any available position, we encourage you to submit your application through the provided link.

Rest assured, even if your desired position is not currently open, we will keep your application on file. This way, when relevant opportunities align with your skills and background, we will promptly notify you.

Additionally, if you are seeking internship opportunities, the same application link applies. Your interest in joining our team is highly valued.

INTERNSHIP Opportunities

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that propels your career to new heights? Ready to take the plunge?

Al Ansari Global invites you to explore our exciting internship opportunities, We are on the lookout for bright and ambitious individuals who are eager to kickstart their careers in a dynamic and innovative environment.

Join our dynamic team and contribute to our success. Your journey towards a successful career starts here.

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Al Ansari Global

Al Ansari is a provider of integrated building, infrastructure and engineering solutions. The group was established in 1975 in response to the growing needs of the infrastructure and construction developments in Oman.


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