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Issue No: 06

Message from Group Managing Director

Dear Colleagues,

Let me begin by wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali and New Year. Here’s hoping all of you had a joyous time during the festival of lights. Recently the Sultanate of Oman has also completed its 26th National Day Anniversary Celebrations at Sur, and I take this opportunity, on behalf of the Al Ansari Group, to wish His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said and the people of Oman, a peaceful and harmonious reign. May Almighty Allah grant His Majesty a long and prosperous life.

We wish all our Christian colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy 1997 too.

Ramadhan, the holy month of sacrifice, self purification and acts of generosity to our less privileged brethren is soon approaching. May Allah shower the Islamic members and their families with Barakaat and Rehmaat from His generosity and provide good health to fulfill all their religious rites.

Since our last issue, a lot of exciting events have taken place at Al Ansari. We celebrated our Annual Day with our workers and staff, and both these events were very well attended by our staff and members of their families. We congratulate members of the Organizing Committee and the participants for a very well presented and organized function.

The “Ten year service awards” were distributed and promotions were announced. We wish the Awardees and Promotes good luck and a bright career together with us.

The long-awaited Blood Donation drive was also organized.

Our cricket team has brought honors to Al Ansari by winning the coveted Championship in the ‘B’ Division tournament of the Oman Cricket Club. On behalf of everyone at Al Ansari, I congratulate Captain Kalpesh, the manager A.D. Peera and the entire team for a very well played winnings. We look forward to retaining this spirit of winning, not only on the cricket field but also in other arenas of business.

And whilst on the subject of cricket, I must specially mention two quickfire contracts secured and executed by Al Ansari Woodworks The first was for the Ministry of Education, and stands on record as the fastest contract done by them, and reminds me of Jayasuriya’s scintillating century against Pakistan in 48 balls. Soon enough, as in cricket history, they repeated another feat by completing a contract at breakneck speed, that of manufacturing Ablution Blocks for Oman LNG. This is an apt comparison to the century by Afridi against New Zealand in 37 balls.

Hearty congratulations to Yusuf Nalwala and Moha. Rupawala and their team at our Contracting Division for bagging the contract for construction of the Tower at Sawadi beach on a turnkey basis. We are sure that on completion, it will be another landmark established by us like the waterfall at Qurum Nature Reserve Park. Well Done !

Media Computers is completing its 10th Anniversary celebrations and will be moving to their new premises at Fatma Bait, adjacent to the present office at CBD from the beginning of 1997. They will be operating under one roof in a conducive atmosphere and well laid-out office. We wish them good luck. I am glad that the 10th Anniversary celebrations are ending on a good note, with the winning of a few network supplies orders as well as achieving a six figure monthly sales turnover. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Zohar & Uma Ali and the entire team at Media.

Keep up the good work !!!

Our Trading Division has booked a few more agencies and have made our range of products more comprehensive and colorful.

We have always believed that our family members are our best asset, and I reiterate that we are proud of each and every one of them. All of you contribute greatly to making our tasks easier and creating goodwill in the market. I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction to have a strong, dedicated, sincere and hardworking team on my side. This particular asset makes me walk confidently. Thanks a million and good luck.

A big Thank You to all who sent me their good wishes on my 50th Birthday. Your gesture is greatly appreciated. I am deeply touched. I end with a quote I recently read, “There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” May Almighty bless us all and guide us along the right path.




Against a backdrop of reduced activity in 1996, in the main areas of operation of building material and supplies for luxury villas, hotels and palaces, the division through intense effort was able to better its sales performance through achieving better market share in most of its product groups, as follows:

Sanitaryware and Tiles: The agency for JCD luxury sanitaryware, taps and accessories was regained. This product line is very well known and is considered as the most desirable line in the world for all prestigious projects such as for the Royal Family, VIP’s and people who desire exclusive and beautiful bathrooms.

Lusepi (Portugal) and Resp (Italy) are two new agencies for Bathroom Taps and Fittings, to cater to the medium segment of the market. The taps from Lusepi are already approved by the Diwan with specifications, and both agencies are already doing well.

There is a tremendous demand for our range of Marazzi Ceramic Tiles, internationally acknowledged as the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the world. Our Showroom at Wadi Kabir displays one of the most extensive and diverse range of ceramic tiles of any distributor in the country.

Chemicals : The sales of HTH Chlorine and allied pool chemicals has done exceedingly well, large volumes of Chlorine are being supplied to the MOD.

Kitchen Equipment: Supply and installation for the Cold Rooms in the Sohar Hospital has been completed.

Heaters & Chillers : The order for design, supply and commissioning of portable water chillers has been secured for PDO Lekhwair Motel. Calorex Chillers and A.O. Smith litre tanks with pumps, control panels and controls are being assembled locally. The total hot water requirements of Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Salalah are being met by A.O. Smith Water heaters.

Foodstuff: The launch of the new Ducros line of Tea, Olives, Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Yeast and Jasmine Rice has been added to the existing range of spices, dried fruit and lentils. The new agency EASTERN also has a large variety of food items.

Al Ansari Sport Tournaments ’96

The Al Ansari Cricket Team won the ‘B’ Division Championship of the Oman Cricket Club league for the first time since the formation of the team 6 years ago. The cricket team began playing under the captaincy of Khalid Khan and, since the past 2 years has been captained by Kalpesh Ashar. The team has progressed steadily from ‘E’ division to the ‘B’ division, undergoing ups and downs in each season.

But all the previous experience and perseverance has paid off rich dividends this season. Vigorous practice sessions for 3 months in the afternoon and evenings, geared up the players for crucial. matches, which was prominently reflected in the outstanding performance of the whole team. The Al Ansari team captained by Kalpesh Ashar played 8 matches, winning 7 and losing a solitary match.

The company players were Khalid Khan, Ravi K, B V Dinesh, Vinit Kajaria and Ali Rizvi, and the rest of the players were from different companies. Mr. A D Peera was the manager of the team and Mr. Suleman Fadra was the official scorer. Trading Division’s principal A O Smith sponsored the Team’s kit and Calorex chillers and pumps co-sponsored the OCC league’s ‘E’ division.
Our sincere thanks to our sponsors for supporting us. A very big thank you is due to our management and specially our Managing Director, Mr. Kiran Asher and Mr. Yusuf Nalwala,
Director (Contracts) for taking personal interest and encouraging the team to perform at their optimum level, thus attaining the pinnacle of success.

This was a major achievement for our company in a completely different field from our normal business.

Message From Our Team


Here are the main time wasters in any organization, five external and five internal factors. 


Interruption through telephones and unscheduled callers:

particularly when the executive is dictating an important note, which is prefaced by 2-3 minutes of pleasantries and one minute business talk. Within 15 minutes there is another call, the net result = no concentration + time wastage. Unscheduled callers are another major interruption.

Lack of complete information :

The availability of relevant and complete information is most important, for the executive can deliberate upon and arrive at a correct decision.  Lack of complete information interrupts working and affects efficiency.

Lack of Policies and procedures: 

Some organisations have no set policies and procedures, and every matter is dealt with on an ad-hoc basis.


Too many meetings, particularly without adequate preparation, constitute time wasting.

Lack of Competent Personnel : 

The effectiveness and efficiency of an executive depends largely on the availability of competent personnel who possess not only initiative but are also capable of translating the executive’s perception and goals into action.



Putting off action for tomorrow arises out of too much and a disorderly inflow of too many files, telephones, meetings, etc.

Attempting to do too much at one time: 

Some executives have a tendency to take on too many tasks at the same time. For instance, while they are dictating a note they entertain visitors and lose track of the thought and act process. Eventually, this becor time waster.

Failure to delegate :

some executives try to do everything themselves. In the long run, they get into serious problems of self-created over-work, while people down the ladder relax and earn their normal increments.

Poor Scheduling : 

Working in a totally unplanned manner results in a great deal of ineffective output.

Failure to set priorities:

 An executive has to complete many tasks, and needs to set priorities for each task devoting sufficient time to it, depending upon its nature. One tends to waste lot of time on trifling matters, leaving aside the more important ones.

Time wasters are, in some cases, created by the executive himself. Proper time management, confidence in oneself, in one’s colleagues and superiors, and disciplined way of working is the only way one can get over time wasters and become ACHIEVERS.

There is very little difference in people, but that little
difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

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