Al Ansari Newsletter, July/August 2003

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Issue No: 17

Message from Group Managing Director

My dear Family members,

Time flies and one does not notice the speed at which it does. With the end of the 1st half of year 2003 we are poised to release the 17th issue of AL ANSARI UPDATE. We are glad that the first half of the year has gone smoothly as budgeted and planned. All the divisions have performed well during this period which makes us proud.

It shows that when it comes to accepting challenges, we have pulled up our socks and worked as a team. We utilized our intelligence and capacities to the core and represented an entity that acts like one solid rock. Well Done !!.

The testing time and demanding challenges have certainly added new capabilities to our repertoire. “The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it”.

The Cut & Rebar’ unit added during the tail end of last year is fairly busy and has earned applause from the customers. This toddler in the family has started walking from its crawling stage.

We wish the unit more progress and success in the coming years. To enhance our performance we have procured a state-of the-art unit for our future expansion. Plans are already underway to have it operational soon. More news on its operations in our next UPDATE. The various forums formulated (Think Tank, Divisional Performance Review -DPR) in the year 2002 have contributed towards company’s growth and have synergized our resources.

The fruits of these efforts are clearly seen in an improved performance during the first half of the current year. The family members have been able to meet the challenges of converting the proposed budgeted figures into its actual realization, and even bettered them in some cases. We believe that no problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking and proactive approach. This has helped us fulfill our goals and would continue to fuel us to further progress.

To concentrate on our core activities where the profitability and prospects are more, we have decided to discontinue some of the business activities. As a result of this thinking, we have disassociated ourselves with one of our family members – Media Computers Training & Services LLC. Now, Media is no longer associated to our AL ANSARI Group. We have also discontinued operations of our Komalas and Wheat’n’ Rice restaurants and MEP activities at AKAR-Dubai, UAE.

However, the desire to grow and do better has not been deterred. We have major plans for expansions in UAE in the areas of our core competencies. We shall keep you informed of exciting developments in the next issue. Whilst on UAE activities, our associates KIMOHA have performed well during the previous accounting year. I congratulate members of our KIMOHA family for their achievements and surpassing their budgeted performance.

This has been a result of unified efforts, teamwork and dedicated leadership. Well Done!! As one has very aptly said: ” the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”. The Omanisation campaign is a daunting task for the Government, but it is something which is very close to our heart. We have established a special cell to support the government’s effort’s in this area.

Several Omanis have been recruited and are undergoing training at various institutes. These trainees have our commitment to employ them in our business activities on successful completion of their courses. The course is carefully monitored to ensure that the trainees learn the technical skills and simultaneously understand our business culture and values.

Thus at the end of their courses they are ready to join the organization that had ‘hand held’ them during the training period.

We had an opportunity to meet our whole family when we celebrated the Al Ansari Family Days during April & May for the workers and staff respectively. The entertainment programmes presented by the workers were impressive. At the staff function, it was heartening to see 3 of our senior staff members being honoured for their 20 years of dedicated service with Al Ansari. The multimedia presentation for the awardees enhanced the occasion.

We appreciate the sincere efforts and the hard work put in by the organizing committee and the volunteers for making both the evenings memorable. I would like to end with a quote from George Bernard Shaw.. “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, they make them.” The secret of happiness is not in doing what we like, but in liking what we do.

Let us all pray for an equally rewarding second half of this year. May God bless us all.

Maa Salama & Namaskar,
Kiren Asher

Head Office

Al Ansari Adopts Orion Package

The management is glad to inform you that we have adopted Orion ERP package from ICICI Infotech (MEA) and its Oman partner IMTAC LLC to support the demands of our growing business needs and future expansion plans across the GCC. This ERP package will be fully operational from October 2003. Orion will provide us with a sophisticated, user- – friendly business management solution that will seamlessly integrate our internal business processes on one single System.

It will also enable us to track better the profitability of each project by providing detailed management information reports and analysis. Orion has the ability to manage and track the work – in – progress and cost of a project, which in some instances can span over several locations and financial years.

SQU Fair

The SQU Careers & Training Opportunities Fair 2003 was held on the 30th & 31st March 03 in the exhibition hall of Sultan Qaboos University. The HR department of our company set up a stall to display the activities of all divisions across the company. The exhibition was inaugurated under the auspices of H.E. Malik Suliman Al Mamari, the Minister of Transport and Communication. On the opening day, our stall was visited by the chief guest H.E. Juma Ali Juma – Minister of Manpower along with other dignity.

The visiting dignitaries took a look at the multimedia presentation of the new company profile with interest and appreciated the efforts the company is taking towards Omanization and in developing the national work force. The stall was visited by large number of under graduate students from the university. They were explained about all the activities performed by the company.

Marketing Division

“Made In Oman” Status For Assembled Pump Sets

Pump sets for various applications (Fire, Sewage, HVAC, Hot & Cold Water) which we had been assembling in our Engineering Division, will now have a ‘Made in Oman’ status as we now have a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

HSE Manual for “Marketing Division”

With our increased involvement in value-addition activities, we have decided to adopt the HSE standards. With the able guidance and assistance from Mr. Kurian Pattam (QHSE Manager-CD), the HSE Manual has been formulated and accepted. Mr. Chaitanya has been appointed the HSE representative for the division.

Training Programmes

The division has been conducting a series of training programmes for their team of technicians. The courses so far have concentrated on Basic Engineering fundamentals with respect to Water Heaters, Pumps, Refrigerators etc. Mr. Diego D’souza- Asst-Manager(Technical) was the course conductor.

Joint Venture In India

We have entered into a Joint Venture with Essenco in February’03 to promote building materials through Essenco offices in Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore. This is for the first time that Al Ansari has ventured into a business outside the Gulf region. This opportunity will enable us to fully exploit our potential and channelize our spare capacity for growth and diversification of the company.

A formal MOU was signed between Mr. Sudhakaran (MD of Essenco) and our JMD Mr. Yusuf Nalwalla in February’03 to promote various agency items in South India. Essenco is one of the leading plumbing contractors in India and is well connected with the major clients and consultants in the hotel industry. With liberalization of business in India and the eagerness of the Indian population to use quality material for important projects, this venture looks forward to a fruitful and ‘growing business.

The focal point for India will be Mr. Muthu Venkatselvam, and operations from Muscat would be Mr. Sajeevan. This business was the brainchild of Mr. Prakashan and Mr. Sajeevan. This dream of setting up a unit was supported by Mr. Rajan Menon and other members of the Marketing team. We wish the entire team good luck and look forward to their success !!

As a support for this venture, Marketing Division consented to the transfer of Mr. Muthu Venkata Selvam to Bangalore, despite the fact that he has been in the thick of his usual work in Irrigation & developmental work in Valves and Micro Control Engineering.

Blood Donation

Kimoha organized a blood donation campaign on 10th June 2003 to mark their 15th anniversary at Jebel Ali, Dubai. Our Chairman, Managing Director and all employees turned up for the blood donation. A team of medicos from Al Wasel Government Hospital conducted the campaign.

Chairman Mr.Kiran Asher – at the Blood Donation Drive organized by Kimoha

A blood donation campaign was conducted at the ED Recreation Hall on 17th January 2003. We had 53 donors turning up for this noble cause.

The Ministry of Health officials appreciated this initiative undertaken by our company.

Sports Tournament

The 9th Al Ansari Sports Tournament – 2003 was held from 7th January to 28th January 2003. The enthusiasm and vigor shown by the staff members in table tennis, badminton, carrom and chess made this a competitive and entertaining event.

The prize distribution was held on 28th January during the monthly Birthday celebrations at the CD recreation room. The names of Winners & Runners up are as follows:

Mr. Wimal Fernando of NSC represented the 8 member Oman “Scrabble” team in the recently held Gulf Scrabble Championship in Bahrain where 7 countries participated. He is now ranked 13th in the Gulf.

WinnersRunners Up
Table Tennis (singles)James M. J.Murtaza Nalwalla
Table Tennis (doubles)Adnan Nalwalla / James M. J.P.C.Vasanthan / Kurian P.
Badminton (singles)Giri KumarNilesh Paliwal
Badminton (doubles)Kurian P./Giri KumarAbraham N. T. / James M. J.
Carrom (singles)VishwanathanAsan Ali
Carrom (doubles)Asan Ali / S. SudhakarFiroz Ansari / Kaddus Ali
ChessMst. Justin AbrahamGirish R.C.
Chess (kids)Mst. Vivek V.Mst. Jessen James

Al Ansari sponsors OCC Cricket tournament

We had sponsored the ‘E” division of the Oman Cricket League tournament this year.

The picture alongside shows our GMD receiving a memento from the OCC patron H.H. Sayyid Haitham Bin Tarek Al Said- Minister of National Heritage and Culture..

Best Omani Employees with Al Ansari Senior Management

Worker’s Day

The Al Ansari Annual Labour Day was held on 17th April 2003 at the Ghala Labour camp. All the workers within the capital area attended the function. The variety entertainment programmes staged by the workers ably assisted by their Omani colleagues, reflected the high morale motivation and harmonious bond between our workers. The Board of Directors presented awards to the Best Omani Employees as wel as to the 48 workers who completed 10 years of meritorious service with the company.

Family Day

Al Ansari Family Day celebrations were held in the Sur ballroom – Muscat Holiday Inn Hotel on 22nd May 2003. Various entertainment programmes were held in which the Management, staff and their family members from all divisions participated whole heartedly. The management honored staff members for their long and dedicated service to the company. Awards & certificates were given to 3 staff members who had completed 20 years, and 13 staff members completing 10 years of dedicated service with the company. The highlight of this years celebrations were the introduction of awards for the Best performing Omani employees across all the divisions. 9 Omani staff were awarded for their performance.

Staff members enjoying Al Ansari Family Day

Arabic Classes

In order to facilitate better interaction for our staff with our Omani employees, Omani clients and government offices, the company ha arranged a short yet comprehensive Arabic Course that emphasize on spoken Arabic. The course was thrown open to the staff members In the first batch 12 senior staff members took the lead and enrolled for the course, out of which 9 were able to complete and derive maximum benefit of the training. We hope to organize at least on such course every year, in an effort to motivate our employees to join the subsequent courses.

Participants of the Arabic Classes
Swamiji during visit to Al Ansari Headquarters

Swamiji’s Visit

“Jai Srimannarayana! Mangalasasanam

Divine things do happen even in these days sharing the joy without any barrier, with open heart is real divinity. Sriman Kiran Bhai is one such example sharing not only things but also his kindness & skill for the promotion of peace and prosperity. His respect towards the Sultan of the country is remarkable. God bless this concern with more more & best
performance & wealth for good”

Testimonial sent by His Holiness Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeyar Swamy to our GMD, subsequent to his visit to Al Ansari Muscat.

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