How Carbon Capture Can Help Us Fight Climate Change


Carbon Capture Projects: A Key Solution for the Climate Crisis?

Environmental change is quite possibly the most threatening and complex test confronting mankind today. The logical agreement is clear: human exercises, particularly the consumption of petroleum derivatives, are the primary driver of an Earth-wide temperature boost and its overwhelming effects. To keep away from the most despairing scenario situations, we want to diminish our ozone-harming substance discharges and cut off the worldwide temperature climb to 1.5°C above pre-modern levels.

Carbon capture projects may not be adequate to diminish emanations. We furthermore need to kill a piece of the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is at this point in the air and hold additional back from being conveyed. This is where carbon comes in.

Decarbonization is a bunch of innovations that can catch CO2 from different sources, for example, power plants, modern offices, or even straightforwardly from the air. The captured CO2 can then be put away underground, utilized for upgraded oil recuperation, or changed over into valuable items like fills synthetics, or building materials.

At the 28th Social Affair of the Get-togethers (COP 28) to the UNFCCC, held in Glasgow, Scotland, in November 2023, carbon capture was one of the principal topics of discussion and trade. A couple of countries, including the US, China, India, and Saudi Arabia, revealed several private sector companies, such as Al Ansari Global also pledged to invest in carbon capture innovation and infrastructure.

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Carbon capture projects have been seen as a basic solution for the fight against natural change by the Intergovernmental Board on Ecological Change (IPCC), the Worldwide Energy Office (IEA), and the Brought Together Nations Framework Show on Natural Change (UNFCCC). According to the IEA, Carbon Capture projects could address 15% of the overall carbon emissions diminished expected by 2050 to meet the Paris Course of Action targets.

One of the most notable outcomes of COP 28 was the launch of the Global Carbon Capture Coalition (GCC), a multilateral platform that aims to accelerate the adoption of carbon capture worldwide. The GCC brings together governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and research institutions to share best practices, mobilize resources, and advocate for supportive policies and regulations. The GCC also aims to raise awareness and educate the public about the benefits and challenges of carbon capture.


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In response to the growing need for sustainable solutions, Al Ansari is at the forefront of pioneering initiatives that align with our commitment to environmental stewardship.




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Carbon capture is not a silver bullet. It is not a substitute for reducing carbon emissions or increasing renewable energy sources. It is not a way to justify or prolong our dependence on fossil fuels. It is not a risk-free or cost-free option. It is not a magic solution that can solve all our problems.

But carbon capture is a necessary and feasible part of the solution. It is a way to complement and enhance our efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It is a way to harness our scientific and technological capabilities for a common good. It is a way to create new opportunities for economic growth and social development.

Carbon capture is not only possible; it is happening. Around the world, there are more than 20 large-scale carbon capture projects in operation or under construction, capturing over 40 million tons of CO2 per year. There are hundreds more in various stages of development or planning. There are countless examples of innovation and collaboration in this field.

Carbon capture is not only happening; it is needed. We have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect our planet and future generations from the consequences of our actions. We have a window of opportunity to act now and make a difference.

Carbon capture can help us fight climate change. Let’s make it happen.

One of the Al Ansari Decarbonization and Sustainability Division, a fundamental association in the field of energy and sustainability game plans Al Ansari showed its imaginative carbon capture projects in various regions, similar to control age, substantial creation, and waste organization. Al Ansari similarly showed how Decarbonization can set out new financial entryways and social benefits for its clients.

Al Ansari’s vision is to transform into an overall Decarbonization contracting not only in Oman but also in multiple countries. Al Ansari acknowledges that carbon capture isn’t simply a need but furthermore, an opportunity to make a more sensible and prosperous future for everyone.

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